42 LED Outdoor Solar Power Flag Pole Lights

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Make your flag pop ūüáļūüᳬ†with this solar LED light, what an easier and¬†practical way to light up your flag but using these lights? Equipped with day/light sensor, this light automatically turns on/off whenever it senses the sun going up and down! It fits flagpoles from 15 to 25 ft tall. It is also the ideal night light for backyard parties, camping, boating, or other outdoor activities. Pathways and gardens can also benefit from this solar LED light.¬†

Don't wait until the 4th of July to show your pride!


  • Easy to install:¬†Self-contained solar power system that allows tool-free installation without messing around with annoying cords or changing batteries!¬†
  • Upgraded Panels:¬†Smart solar energy storage that allows optimizing the usage of the brightness for everyday usage.¬†
  • Ergonomic design:¬†Perfectly designed¬†to adjust to the user's needs: just set it up in the area if your preference¬†and the sun does the rest.¬†
  • Energy saving and Money saving:¬†Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. You do not need to plug it in, leave it on all night without worrying about your electric bill.
  • Long life span:¬†last¬†over 5 years.