LED Smart PIR Bulb Energy Saver 1620LM

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Auto Sensing

This bulb is built-in a PIR sensor and a light sensor, it will automatically turn off in the daytime and turn on at night when it senses motions.

18W Motion Sensor Bulb

The 18W motion sensor bulb uses high-quality SMD lamp beads, high-brightness, no flicker, no eye hurting. 

Low Consumption High Brightness and Energy Saving

A very low heat generating, besides saving light power. This is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly bulb which is conducive to recycling. Low-energy, high-brightness, energy-efficient light bulbs. 

Integrated Design

Integrated smart IC, safer and more stable, no risk of potential safety hazards due to the high-temperature flammability of sponge rubber.


  • Power: 18W
  • Lumen: 1620 LM
  • Life: 10 years


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